94% of people responded Of course not.

“Is it possible to smoke cigarettes while praying?

But what the hell’s playing cigarette smoking and praying? WTF

That is how the majority answered the question put by Erik van Vooren.

Founder of the Direct Marketing Know-How Institute in Belgium, quoted some time ago, an interesting study. One group of respondents was asked a question: “Is it possible to smoke cigarettes while praying?


“When you smoke cigarettes, can you get pray?

92% of the respondents said YES! immediately.

Seemingly the same but not the same! Look at the bigger picture!

Where did you get the idea for your expert know-how?

Recently, I’ve heard customers repeatedly ask me about my way of doing things.

Acquiring valuable knowledge and inspiration. For example, why I have time to work and to play games. Playing even a dozen or so hours a week?

I decided that it wasn’t a coincidence and it’s worth satisfying their curiosity. I wrote

An article on the blog, which is complemented by a pdf you are reading.

If, for any reason, you missed an article from where to get it from

Inspiration and expert knowledge - tools and applications are a must.

Read it, because it shows the whole range of possibilities and without it the system itself is

Like a fish without water.

Are you finished reading?


It’s time to learn the steps of a method that will help you save weight

Time and, above all, all, all the necessary knowledge, should be appropriately tagged and

Keep it handy when you need it.

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