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And cuckoo! Like a friday, like, one leg to welcome the weekend, and here’s a surprise from your Fan

it seems that this second half of January is such a time to say goodbye to some (or maybe most of them?) with ambitious provisions New Year’s Eve. And so I thought I’d try you a little bit to motivate (and by the way, I’ll be more regular blogging).

I’m going to start an extensive thread on a few entries about conscious branding of a player.

A strong personal brand helps to make money in a phenomenal way of great money, and by the way, being seen as a specialist in specific topics in the gaming and esport industry . Those in which our brand is ahead of what we say about ourselves. It is worth investing energy in building a strong personal brand. It simply pays off.

I’ll talk about subjects like:

What I think is the essence of building a personal brand If you consciously build your image ?

Whether we want it or not, it is each of us who builds our brand, that is, how we are perceived by others and that is what they say about us when we are not around. And if that’s the case, then maybe it’s worth a little effort to have like the best quotations - reflecting what we really are in Great? I guess everyone can remember how weak we feel, when we give 100% of ourselves, we have effects, but the environment does not …notes and underestimates our efforts…

So I invite you to read my extensive thoughts, which I have additionally enriched with free tickets for the nearest IEM in Katowice. It will be worth it. don’t miss out and sign up for the newsletter!

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