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Uh… with a slight delay, but I come back with the material in full transparency. I declared that at the end of January, I’ll summarize my 2019 and only now did I succeed. Nevertheless, traditionally, I put all my cards on the table. :)

The year 2019 was in many ways… strange. On the one hand, it was a year of my withdrawal, slowing down, relaxing the publication schedule and focusing on life outside the blog. On the other hand it turned out that such a slowdown of turnover does not have to translate into a decrease of earnings. On the contrary, my company had higher revenues, and private capital investments brought profits that I had not yet had. In the meantime, I also worked out my investment strategy and its assumptions for the next 20 years (yes - I will write about that in a while).

The summary came out so large that I divided it into two parts. Today I start the first one concerning both our teams’ sports results in CS:GO and League of Legends divisions. Then there will be new and growing sections in Raibows Six, Call of duty and Fortnite.

Soon you will know how much I and the entire organization have already earned on the transfer of players, how much I have learned and what my company’s revenue structure is like, i.e. how much I have from instagolds and how much from other businesses, how much from affiliates and how much from other sources. Coffee on the bench - just the details. You are cordially invited

How much did esports gaming instagold + my entire company’s results in 2019 earn?

And by the way, I announced a raise for our employees. I’m not kidding. I decided that after exceeding 100 employees, the average salary would go up. At the moment I have a little over 91 on the counter, so there is no need to rush to our work in a great atmosphere.

Why did I decide to make such a move? I will also describe the reasons in the article.

And next week I will share a similar summary of 2019, but from a blogging and gaming and podcast perspective, and I will share my thoughts and talk about the plans for 2020. :)

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